About Anthony

My name is Anthony Bonelli and I am 27 years old and have Cerebral Palsy. My disability has limited me from playing sports, but not from participating.  In my life, I have had a lot of different experiences in the world of sports and that is why I decided to become a sports writer/broadcast journalist.  These experiences along with what I call my “Great Supporting Cast” have helped shape who I am today.

When I was 3 or 4 years old I used to tell my family I wanted to be a sports broadcaster or the replacement for Bob Barker on “The Price Is Right”.  I loved watching sports and listening to WFAN, which is a sports talk radio station, and I never missed an episode of “The Price Is Right” because I loved counting how many ladies won versus how many men one.  People used to be amazed when I could tell that they were about to give away a car.

I have had so many wonderful experiences meeting my sports heroes and seeing some of the most historic sports venues all around the country I can not begin to list them all.  One experience that stands out is when I threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the September 8, 2007 Mets game.

The last 10 years has been a whirlwind, in August 2008 I auditioned to replace Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, having not been chosen did not stop me.  In March 2009 I interviewed one of the top high school football coaches in New Jersey, Fred Stengel of Bergen Catholic High School, whose latest NFL draftee was the 15th pick in this years draft for the Houston Texans, he is Brian Cushing.  In June I got the chance to meet and interview Brian while he visited Bergen Catholic for their annual championship football clinic, possibly airing this fall on MSG PLUS.

My Blogs have been syndicated on both National and Local Websites; including NBA History.

After many more interviews, many times back to the Bruce Beck and Ian Eagle sports broadcasting camp as a guest and living on my own for the first time as a Rutgers University Student (now a graduate with a Bachelors in Communication), I have found a home with Drew University Men’s Basketball team as a consultant.  I am very encouraged to help their program as well as expand on my career as a journalist and broadcaster.

Since then, I have been a assistant Coach at Drew University Men’s basketball program. I have served also as a Co-Varsity and Assisted Girls Basketball Coach at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. That year we won the Hunterdon Warren Sussex County Championship and currently I am an Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at Warren Hills Regional High School.
I have been interviewed in several local papers, like my alma maters Communication and Information articles: Rutgers News and have had some notable times – like in 2010 when Karl Malone gave me his Hall of Fame Jacket – ESPN picked it up – so did NBA .com
As the Movie says “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and it really is. I am writing more than I ever have. I am doing what I love, which is coaching, and I have the support of great friends and family who help me stay on task.  I hope you enjoy the writing. I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

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